Guinea Pig Abscess
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Please be aware that the photos are graphic, but our little girl lived!

If you have a cavy - that is a guinea pig - that has developed an abscess, and you cannot get to a vet, or if you know 
enough about animals to treat your guinea pig at home, this may help you. Amber's golf ball-sized lump appeared overnight, and grew for a few days before it burst. I have posted about it, on the Guinea Pig Cages Forum.- Lump Under My Baby's Throat

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They are not as precise as our orchid photos, but I was holding a squirming, uncomfortable, 
scared guinea pig in one hand, and my camera in the other!

Please read about what happened at the link above. She has fully recovered, and we only used:

We are sharing this in the hopes that it helps save some sweet guinea pig's life. We love our cavies! Below are some of ours - with the exception of Honeybun. We just "babysat" her!
  • Saline solution 
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Betadine 
  • Collodial silver - spray and in her water 
  • Vitamin C
Our dearly departed, beloved Buckwheat
Our sweet gentleman, Charcoal
Darling little Honeybun

Amber Lynn
Sweet Little Squirt - had Biscuit and nursed Biscuit and Bella
Tubby, Ears, Brewster - born Christmas 
morning - 2011 - to Amber Lynn
Annabelle - had Bella and refused 
to nurse her
Biscuit - Squirt's little baby girl 
with granddaughter
Molly - a.k.a. Houdini - loved 
to hide
Dear sweet Nutmeg
Our boy Tucker
Bella - Annabelle's daughter - nursed 
by Squirt
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