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Click on any of the PHOTOS on the page, to find out the truth about health for yourself.  It is pretty simple, actually --- the closer you stick to nature, the healthier you will be.Having used myself as a "guinea pig" for many years, I've been through lots of books,  lots of products, and lots of OPO's. ( That's Other People's Opinions.

Much of the information I found was not worth the paper it was written on.  Some was invaluable.  On my site, I attempt to share information on things that make sense, and WORK, and frankly, some that don't make much sense, but they also WORK. I hope you can benefit from my gleanings!

In addition to that, in regards to your health - the closer you eat to nature, the better off you'll be!
We Americans are reported to be the most medicated, overweight people in the world.  
Despite our apparently infinite supply of sugar-free, salt-free, fat-free foods, the problem persists.  Our national health statistics are appalling - we lead the world in the number of people that have diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's, and strokes.  For a nation of people who think we are so advanced, intelligent, and savvy - it is ironic that we are so stone stupid nutrition-wise. 

Thanks to an old country doctor, 34 years ago, I began my quest for the truth in nutrition.  She made a comment to me about "the darker, the better", and started me on a never-ending search to find the most nutritious foods.                                                      

For a large selection of health books, go to The Raw Food World.  They have books on nutrition, the fluoride-in-our-water deception, raw foods, juicing, food combining, cancer survival testimonials, wheatgrass, coconut oil, vaccinations, raising healthy pets, pure water, deceptions in the medical industry, raw food combining, chia seed, escaping disease, longevity, colon cleansing, vegetarian eating, & much, much more.  
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I have a personal interest in Garlic.  Many years ago, I had some type of cancer on my face.  No matter what natural remedies I tried, nothing seemed to help at all.  I asked the Lord what to do, as I was bony-thin, and getting thinner all of the time, no matter how much I ate.
This is going to sound strange, but I heard "Garlic".  After resisting the "treatment" for a year, I finally got a bulb of garlic, and decided to obey what I heard. From the first raw slice I applied to the growth, it started to heal.  That started me on my investigation of that aromatic, delicious bulb.  
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The Ultimate Zapper, and others
It is now common knowledge that we are "electrical beings". The old "electric shock" treatments were founded on the right idea, but the implementation was wrong. There is an electrical charge, no matter how feeble - in every food we eatevery emotion we feel, and everything we touch.  Our brains operate on neuro-transmitters to conduct messages to the various parts of our bodies. Dr. Hulda Clark found that bacteria, viruses, parasites - all have an electronic frequency, AND they are all susceptible to "death by zapping". The medical field even acknowledges the powerful capability of electricity to change venom from poisonous snakes and insect bites into a non-toxic protein, easily absorbed by the body.  OR, CLICK HERE >>> Electricity vs. snake bites.
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BACK IN FAVOR --- FINALLY!  Luscious, healthy, aromatic, useful, organic coconuts!  It is ABOUT time that the lowly coconut received the notice it so richly deserves. For healthy hair, and soft skin, you dare not ignore the coconut, and coconut oil. Go to our OUR STORE to try the best! 

If you have not eaten coconut, or coconut oil, for fear of gaining weight,  you are in for a most pleasant surprise! Coconut is loaded with fiber, which helps to keep you healthy. One coconut company calls it a "functional food, because it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content."  
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SESAME SEED OIL - Healthy, nutritious, delicious! 
If you are not familiar with sesame seed oil, made from the familiar seeds that top burger buns at fast food restaurants, you are missing out on one of the tastiest, unusual, truly cold-pressed oils that exists.  Whether you use it externally, or internally, sesame oil has some incredible properties that you will not find in the bleached, over-heated, colorless oils at your local supermarket.  The sesame seed oil that this company supplies is just simply the best! For more information on this delightful oil, and to order directly from them, just
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Health Superfoods
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Whole foods, especially raw, fresh ones, have incredible life-giving energy and attributes.  Take time to explore and experiment, especially paying attention to those that are less well-known.  There are a lot more, so check out some of the links on our Healthy Hair page, or check out OUR STORE.

What tropical tree is one of the fastest growing plants known to man?
Where can you get extreme nutrition in a handful of leaves?
Who says you can't get all of your amino acids from plants?
What can you grow in your backyard or in a container, that can feed your family just about all the nutrients they need, in one plant?
What tastes better than spinach, has more Vitamin C than oranges, more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than the same amount of milk, and more protein than the equivalent serving of yogurt? Don't know? It's MORINGA!
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