Zappers - not tasers, zappers - give your health a jolt!

If you don't know anything about zappers, follow the links below, for a quick education.  There are thousands of testimonials, world-wide, that attest to the efficacy of their use. 

I have my own favorites, but there are lots of different types.  Currently, the one most in use by my household, is The Ultimate Zapper, first on the list. We happen to think it is the best, but there are several out there to be had.  Ken Presner gives a side-by-side comparison on his site, that is very helpful when deciding which Zapper to choose.

We have been aware of the beneficial use of electricity for health benefits since about 1997.  I had read Dr. Hulda Clark's interesting book, The Cure for All Diseases. My late husband had multiple sclerosis, and the zapper we used, a Dr. Hulda Clark-type at that time, appeared to keep the progress of the disease at bay.  We were only getting our feet wet back then.

A few years ago, one of my daughter's received a nasty bite from some insect; which became inflamed, infected, and painful.  We never did figure out what bit her. I took a zapper that I had at my store, which is for self-defense, wet her arm, and merely held it very close to the bite.  As powerful as that zapper was, I didn't want to knock her to the floor with it.  I believe we zapped it three separate times. The pain from the bite, not the zapper, went away fairly quickly, and it healed within a few days.

The same daughter was very thin, and getting thinner all of the time.  We researched the problem a lot, and came to the conclusion that she probably had parasites.  Using a combination of raw garlic, and the zapper (the Hulda Clark-type), along with something we called the "black stuff", she grew about 1 1/2 to 2 feet in 2 years, filled out, and has not had the problem since.

The "black stuff", which we later ascertained was a combination of ground-up black walnut hulls, cloves, and wormwood, seem to play a large role in her subsequent health.  While she was doing some homework one day, she called to me and told me that a "worm" had crawled out of a sore she had on her forearm.  She was young, 10 or 11, so it sort-of  "freaked her out".  Actually, it probably would horrify most of us.

Recently, my youngest, # 8 of the offspring, receive a vicious bite from a spider, while he was helping his brother, # 5, in their tree-trimming business.  It was behind his knee, and developed into a HUGE, painful, red lump. He came down to my store, and I used the zapper on him, several times.  Within a day or two, the lump had disappeared, and the bite healed.

Another one of my sons, # 2, had a painful, hard, "marble-type" lump on one of his arms. Remembering the story of the farmer with the snakebite, and aware of zapping, he had a friend of his use jumper cables connected to the battery charger of his car, to "zap" it.  He said that the lump softened right away, and within a short period of time, the wound from the lump (whatever it was), and the subsequent wound from the jumper cables, went away. NOT THE RECOMMENDED WAY TO DO IT, FOLKS!

I broke the outer bone on my right hand this year, beating a dog on the head that I thought was going after one of my little granddaughters.  The break was so painful that extreme nausea set in, and it was just about all I could do to drive myself home that night.  I used the zapper on it, that I got from Don Presner, see above, and not only did it heal without setting it, but a WHOLE lot of new hair grew out of that part of my hand.  It almost appeared to have been trapped underneath my skin, and I could watch the new growth emerge daily.  The broken bone didn't penetrate my skin at all, so THAT was interesting to observe, as there could not have been hair trapped in a cut or wound.  My hand is totally healed, and I almost forgot that it was ever broken!

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