The deadly weapon against tooth decay - surprising antibacterial information


It never dawned on me, that it might be from an abscessed tooth! It was painful, and I put up with it for several days, until I happened to think that the problem might be coming from one of my teeth. The lump was getting larger by the day, and one day I pushed down hard on it, and saw quite a bit of thick, white "something" come out of it. That relieved the pressure temporarily, but it did not get rid of the lump. 

At the same time, I noticed that my tongue was coated with a thick film of white. The center of my tongue, almost in a furrow, looked like it was brown, and my taste buds appeared to be dry and "dead" in that area.

I did not feel that I had the money to visit a dentist, and have been able to get rid of the symptoms of an abscessed tooth before using natural means, but nothing seemed to work very well this time. I began to search online for a viable solution. 

Lo and behold! Never, in previous years, had a found a connection between certain foods and tooth abscesses - except for all of the information available about how sugary foods can cause problems with our teeth. I knew that the sugars coat your teeth, and encourage the growth of the bacteria that can eat through our tooth enamel, but nothing much in the way of a food item, to counteract that. 

Anacardic Acid

While searching, I found some links to anacardic acid. It is found in a few different things - one of them, is raw cashews. Supposedly, according to scientific research, the anacardic acid is "sudden death" to the bacteria that causes dental caries and eventually, abscessed teeth. That was an eye-opener! Why hadn't I found that years ago? 

There is also a lot of evidence to be found, to the efficacy of anacardic acid's effect on MRSA. In laboratory conditions, the research stated that anacardic acid is terminal to the bacteria responsible for MRSA. Could that be true? The scientists think it is. 

At any rate, I obtained a couple of pounds of raw cashews, and started chewing them up thoroughly, and swallowing them. I also put some in the side of my mouth, where the tooth is that was bothering me, and simply sucked on them. When I went to bed that night, I put three or four of them inside my cheek, and sucked on them for a long while. They became very soft, so I chewed them up, and swallowed them. I deliberately did not want to brush my teeth, preferring to let any benefit the cashews were providing, stay in my mouth while I slept. 

The main lump started to show signs of going away, the next day. I continued to chew up cashews all during the next day and night, sucking on them at intervals during the day, and keeping some in my mouth while I was sleeping. 

Evidently, the raw cashews were helping - a lot! My tongue cleared up, and the lump went down. All I can do, is share this personal experience of mine, in the hopes that it will help someone else. 

I do understand, that most people's advice for any tooth issues, is to rush to the dentist. For many of us, that is not an expedient option. In my case, the cashews seemed to do the trick. 

Whether roasted cashews would accomplish the same purpose or not, I do not know. The "raw cashews" that we purchase for consumption are not exactly "raw" anyway. They have been steamed and cleaned to get rid of the caustic acid that is between the hard outer shell of the cashew nut, and the cashew meat inside it. You won't need me to tell you about that - the information is easy to find. What is important, is that raw cashews contain a particular substance that is very unfriendly to bacteria that is found in our mouths. Every place I found that cited its effects, said that anacardic acid is lethal to that particular bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, which is also called gram positive bacteria! 

Please take a moment, to read what is on Wikipedia about it: 
Anacardic Acids

Also, read about it on some of the following sites: 
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Charles Weber's experience with cashew nuts and tooth abscess

There is a lot more information to be found, on how the anacardic acids work to kill bacteria. For the present, we gave you some easy-to-read information, but you can find detailed scientific studies that back up the information above. 

Check about licorice, too - not the candy kind, and how it can kill germs in your mouth, too. Go easy using it, though, as too much of it can affect your blood pressure, and make you retain water.

Other items that help maintain a healthy mouth: 

Below is another very interesting site about Healing Teeth Naturally. Pay close attention to this page about Xylitol - and follow the links there. The site is simply loaded with just about anything you would want to know about Xylitol and the health of your teeth! The link is:

Rinsing Mouth and Brushing Teeth with Xylitol Sugar

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How Cashews Helped My Abscessed Tooth

For years, off and on, I have had some issues with my teeth, and even lost a few teeth due to abscesses. I am not a big consumer of sweets, however, in my younger years I ate them, a lot! 

Whenever I had a problem, the first step was always to wash my mouth out with warm salt water several times a day. That usually was sufficient to take care of some of the bacteria causing it, and a couple of buffered aspirin took away the pain. 

Not long ago, I saw a large "lump" appear on my cheek. That was not pleasant to see! 
After trying many brands of Xylitol, I found that the Health Garden brand suits me the best. It is from the USA, too, not from China. The particles are large, but you can easily grind them to a fine powder in a blender or food processor. If I ingest it, Xylitol gives me gastric disturbance, but it doesn't, if I use it to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth. Ground fine, it is no longer "gritty", and the taste is pleasant and sweet. 

Today, many companies make Xylitol from corn, and the corn is not non-GMO, either. This brand of Xylitol comes from birch trees, as it should. I usually purchase the 1 pound size, from Amazon, which lasts me a long time. Click here - Health Garden Xylitol from birch trees, non-GMO 1 pound - or on the photo to the left.
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