- Just TELL ME how what these cards depict, is merely coincidence -

The Illuminati Card Game is a PERFECT example of how the "Powers That Be" always put their future agendas RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! These cards are from the 1990's - years before these events took place. 

They are actually the "Powers That THINK They Be", and God Almighty is the one who will take them all down. He IS the ultimate Power, and the evil people who are in temporary control of the governments in this world will be spending an eternity in Hell for what they have done.
     The cards above are merely two examples. There are many, many more. 
If you would like to see some more cards from the Illuminati Card Game, 
with their "future agendas" on them, click on the photo below.
There is a card with people pulling down statues - we had THAT happen not long ago - do you  remember? There is a card with a great caricature of Julian 
Assange - hm... wonder why? There is a Flat Earth card, that says - "People laugh, but flat earthers know something". (Fancy that!) There is a card with people wearing masks - (COVID?). There is a Post Office card - picturing a man with a gun. There is a card that says NEW WORLD ORDER - A Thousand Points of Light. 
There is a card with the A.M.A. on it, which portrays a doctor with his arm around a skeleton - get it? There is a card that is titled - Center For Disease Control. There is a card with Princess Di on it - you know what happened to HER. There is a card that has "Emergency Powers" on it - well, we know they can implement that at any time, can't they? Another card says - "The Internet Worm: All the data is gone". Of course, that is how they intend to control us all, and they are DOING it!
Wise Men                    STILL                  Seek Him!
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Why is our internet 
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Why is our internet 
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