Since 1879 - Inspired by Psalms 45:8

Why am I talking about Ivory Soap? That is an excellent question! Well, I'll tell you why. 

     Ivory Soap has been around since 1879. The story is, that two men - William Procter 
and James Norris Gamble were immigrants from England and Ireland. They ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and married sisters. Procter was a candle maker, and Gamble was a 
soap maker. To read more about them, how Procter & Gamble came about, and how Ivory soap was "born" see the links below.

​     My interest in Ivory Soap, was ignited by something I read about an unusual use for it, involving hygiene. I was researching a subject, and came across something that was 
written by a dental hygienist, about a patient of hers. He was 94 years old, and had NO dental decay, and pristine teeth and gums. He explained to her that all he had used, for over 65 years, was IVORY SOAP for "toothpaste". He had been in World War II, and the soldiers had a hard time getting toothpaste, but always had a good supply of Ivory soap. Hence, that was all he had used to brush his teeth. 

     That's all I needed to hear, so I started doing it. The first thing I noticed, were that my teeth were getting whiter, and some tooth pain I had was GONE. Then, I noticed my gums were getting pinker, and the horrible tartar problem I had dealt with for years, was just about nonexistent. The tartar was softening up, so I could easily remove it, and no more tartar was building up.

     I had used soap years ago, to brush my teeth, with good results, BUT could not tolerate the taste of it. I used Castille soap. Well, the IVORY soap actually tastes good! I read about another person using it, who had their receding gums actually tighten up around their teeth, so they were "scalloped" around them. That appears to be happening with my gums, also. 

     The comforting thing about using it, is that Ivory soap is 99 44/100% pure soap. That means I am not putting fluoride into my system, or any of the things that common brands of toothpaste contain. It does not leave a bad taste in my mouth, and I do not have the coated "fuzzy tongue" that is common, in the mornings. 

      In addition, I read something a woman wrote, about her husband and Ivory soap. He is a mechanic, and uses only Ivory soap to clean his hands. He said it gets rid of all of the grease he gets on his hands from working on cars. 

     Well, we have a jewelry store, and I work on the workbench. My hands literally get BLACK, from the metal and the buffing compound. The Ivory soap cleans them better than anything else I have used, to date. 

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