"Gold of the Incas"

All of the essential amino acids are present in Quinoa seeds, and its protein content is between 12 and 18%. Like a few other plant-based items we recommend, the protein in Quinoa is complete, vitally essential for those who are vegetarians. Quinoa is very easy to digest, and contains no gluten, like wheat. It is an excellent source of dietary protein, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron. 

When eaten with Moringa, you also get the added bonus of calcium, which helps to offset the phosphorous content in Quinoa. We cook the quinoa first, then add the Moringa leaves to it. The heat from the Quinoa will cook the Moringa leaves "just right". With a little butter and garlic salt added, perhaps some Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids, it is a dish fit for a king.

Quinoa is an excellent alternative to couscous and rice, and can be eaten cold or hot, once cooked. We have combined it with pesto sauce, collard greens, mustard greens, purple hull peas, blackeyed peas, and many other items. Use it with spaghetti sauce and grated cheese, for a delicious alternative to pasta.

If you have never eaten Quinoa, you are really in for a taste-sensation treat! EVERYONE, so far, without exception, to whom we have served Quinoa, has loved it! That, in itself, is a statement of how delicious this nutritious grain is! 

Quinoa combines well with just about everything. The emphasis is on "everything", because it is difficult to find something that Quinoa does not complement, or vice versa. I suppose you might not wish to incorporate it into your ice cream, but... it would probably taste pretty good in it. 

This incredible grain is one of those "overlooked" crops, that deserves a great deal more attention.
What more could you ask for than:

Easy to store
Quick and easy to cook
Extremely nutritious
Complete vegetable protein
Pleasing to the palate
That's QUINOA!

   >>>>> P.S. One time, when I needed something to "fill in" some salmon patties I was making, I added some quinoa I had, that was already cooked. THAT, was a good idea, as it made the patties extremely moist, and added more nutrients to my "already healthy" salmon patties. Not only that, but they tasted great! 

In our opinion, QUINOA (pronounced keen'-wah), is just about the king of the seeds. Prized since ancient times, Quinoa was eaten by Incan warriors to increase their energy and stamina. 

The taste is incomparable in the seed kingdom. It is mild, slightly nutty, soft when cooked, and combines with just about anything you'd like to put with it. Our Quinoa is organically grown, and rinsed thoroughly, so it is ready to cook when your order arrives.

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