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Because I believe that our main purpose in life is to please God and serve our fellow man, I wanted to pass my research on to you. The Internet is a wonderful way to reach you all, I am!
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Remember, when you were a child? You were told, by adults, that Santa Claus was real, the Easter Bunny was real, and the Tooth Fairy was real.  You believed them.
When you grew up, you found out the TRUTH. 
The adults were lying.
The adults are still lying.   
It's all about CONTROL...                                                                          

Invariably, the "establishment's" line, purveyed by all of the mainstream media outlets, appears to be erroneous.  Whether it is on television, on the radio, at the movies, in magazines, or in the newspaper - I have generally found the information to be misleading, to say the least.  I remember when everything was supposed to be candy-coated and kept under wraps.  A woman was not pregnant, she was in the "family way".  People didn't sweat, they "perspired".  A doctor was not to be questioned, he was to be obeyed, and so on, and so forth.  So many agendas are carried out "off-stage". The curtains have lifted; the public is weary of being told what to think. The sheep are rebelling; no more charades - it is time for the TRUTH! 
AT THE RISK OF BEING SENSATIONAL, I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WE HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY, STRATEGICALLY LIED TO --- A LOT!  IN ORDER TO ENRICH THE OVERFLOWING COFFERS OF THE "POWERS THAT BE", TRUTH HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY OBSCURED WITH THE OLD "SMOKE AND MIRRORS" ROUTINE.   If you "follow the money" you will quickly discover that the pipeline of information that gushes out to engulf us, mostly comes from the same source. The independent press is largely a thing of the past.  The major networks, the most popular magazines, the major radio stations, the large newspapers, the wire services that convey the "news" to them --- are all basically owned by the same few people

This "oligarchy" has reached pandemic proportions!  BECAUSE most people are unaware that what reaches their ears and eyes, via the mainstream media, is filtered, sifted, censored, and biased --- they are blissfully unaware that they are being CONTROLLED.

Oh, you don't think you are being controlled?  Really?  Then why do advertisers spend billions of dollars to promote their products? Why isn't one viewing enough for them, rather than repetitive ad after ad after ad?  

If what you see and/or hear on television, in the newspapers, in magazines, and on the radio, isn't fashioned to control your spending habits, your attitudes, and your behavior --- why are these conglomerates spending so much money to plaster it on the screen, or in print? They are completely aware of the effectiveness of "brainwashing" human beings.  Lest you think that is too harsh a term, let me tell you how Webster's dictionary defines "brainwashing" --- and I quote - "to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes".  End quote --- got the picture?

Have you ever met anyone who thought that McDonalds' food was the most nutritious, exquisite, marvelous cuisine? No? Neither have I!  However, in America, just about everyone knows the Golden Arches, and has eaten there before.  Soon, I'll be able to say "everyone in the world", at the rate they are expanding.  What built their empire - the terrific food? No, it was the repetitve marketing - ad after ad after ad.

The same thing has happened in every aspect of our lives.  I personally know people who think that everything they see on television is true!  They are not so far gone as to believe that sit-coms and soap operas are real-life, but if it is on the news or a documentary - they believe it is the gospel truth!
I shall never forget how the public at large swallowed the atrocity at Waco with nary a blink --- I remember Ruby Ridge - the money Randy Weaver got did not replace a wife and teenage son. NEVER will I forget the tragic, vicious assault on the World Trade Centers, 9/11/2001, nor will I let that slaughter rest. Thousands of us have determined that the perpetrators be exposed.  Though they scorn His Name, God will eventually deal with them appropriately, even if justice escapes them for the present.

We have been told blatant prevarications about:

                                           our health
                                           our food
                                           our origins
                                           our nations rulers
                                           our money supply
                                           the medical field
                                           the fluoride in our water
                                           and much, MUCH more...

The medical establishment has largely become a confederation of legalized drug pushers.  Notice, I said "largely".  There are still some very fine doctors practicing, but it has been my sad experience to realize that they are FEW and far between. Hospitals somehow think that their policies are "LAW", established by the Constitution, or something.

I am making an effort to present you with a LOT of information, as soon as possible, and are adding more information daily. Please bear with me, and check this site frequently. 
Some of the subjects presented here deal with - the apostasy in the Churchfoods that are REALLY healthycompanies that carry the best productselectronic zappersgarliccoconut oil, raw organic virgin sesame oil, Nibiru, the NephilimSkull & Bones Societychia seed (salba)9/11raw foodsthe Federal Reserve, UFOs and aliens, lies from the mediagovernment coverupshealthy hairthe "Boundaries in Marriage" book and its anti-scriptural teachingside effects of birth control pills, and childbirth at home.  There are links to links to links to follow, and once you start digging, you'll be surprised at how much is not told us, through the "controlled press."

Hopefully, there's enough here to start you on your own quest for the truth! I pray you keep an open mind, and may God open your eyes!
 Heartfelt thanks to 
My 8 grown offspring 
who fueled 
my fire 
to find and 
teach them 
the truth. 
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